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Hektor Cafe menu








Buckwheat salad with capers and
blueberries (V, G, L) 5.20€

Greek salad with tofu (V, G, L) 4.50€ 

Greek salad with feta (G) 4.50€ 


Bachelors salad (warm) 6.50€ 

Caesar salad with chicken 6.50€

Goat cheese salad with roasted beet and pumpkin (G) 7.00€  




Mushroom pasta with spinach and roasted
seeds (V, L) 

Salmon pasta 5.80€ 


Asian style noodle wok with chicken (L) 5.80€ 

Weekly pasta 5.00€ 




Tomato soup with minced lamb (L, G) 4.30€

Creamy salmon soup with sugar peas (G) 6.50€



Roasted beet soup with tofu (V, L, G) 3.80€

Roasted beet soup with feta (G)  3.80€





Hektor Cafe Burger with beef and Gouda 7.50€ 

Hektor Cafe Burger with grilled eggplant and black bean hummus (V, L) 5.50€ 

Frittata with feta and crudo 6.80€ 

Slow cooked pork with coleslaw and over baked potatoes 8.50€


Duck fillet with pumpkin-carrot puree and berry sauce 12.00€ 

Nut-crusted pork tenderloin with pesto buckwheat and broccoli 8.50€ 

Salmon fillet with black sesame seeds, zuccini noodles and plum sauce 12.00€




Chocolate fondant 4.50€

Coconut milk panna cotta
with blueberry jam (V, G, L) 


Crème brûlée with eggnog (G) 4.00€

Pancakes with honey or jam 3.20€

Selection of ice cream (G) 3.70€




Hektor Cafe Burger with beef and french fries 4.50€

French fries with chicken nuggets, wieners or meat balls 3.90€


Potato puree with wieners, chicken nuggets or meat balls 3.90€

Creamy pasta with chicken 3.90€


G-may contain gluten

V- vegan

L- lactose free


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